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About KUAP; Pandipieri
KUAP is a leading humanitarian organization dedicated to fighting poverty and social injustice. We place special emphasis on investing in children, youth, women and other vulnerable members of the community. KUAP Pandipieri is a Kenyan non governmental organization (NGO) providing community health, children services and education programmes to the most vulnerable communities of Kisumu, Western Kenya. Kisumu is the third largest city in Kenya, situated on Lake Victoria. It is one of Kenya’s poorest cities, facing challenges of food insecurity, growing urban poverty and a high prevalence of HIV/AIDS. According to the UN, roughly 60% of the population of Kisumu lives in slums and 15% are living with HIV/AIDS. Approximately 100,000 people are being targeted by KUAP interventions, about one third of the total population of the area. Children, people living with AIDS, and the poor communities living in the informal settlements (slums) are the main beneficiaries.

Our Vision
“KUAP envisions a community living a life of dignity and hope”

Our Mission
“KUAP provides programmes in Education, community health and children services targeting the youth, children, women, and other members of the vulnerable groups in the peri-urban areas of Kisumu District.  These shall be done through an integrated framework for community empowerment and participation for sustainable development”.

Our Board of Directors
KUAP’s board of directors is the organization's governing body, elected by the members of the community every three years at an annual meeting. All members are responsible for gaining a basic understanding and initiating action in support of KUAP’s mission, goals and programs. This includes assisting in expanding KUAP’s outreach and increasing its visibility and donor support. All board members are volunteers and serve without compensation

Our Management Team
KUAP’s board of directors appoints the Management team which comprises of the programmes director, Programme officers for Education, Health and Children services, programmes accountant and the Human Resource officer. The director is the secretary to the Board and represents management team in all the board meetings, he also chairs the management meetings every weak.

Our History
KUAP-Pandipieri was started as a renewed form of missionary work in 1979 by Fr. Hans Burgman and a team of dedicated religious, lay missionaries and local leaders. KUAP dedicated itself to local community outreach activities to address social and community development issues with an aim of increasing the capacity of local communities to tackle economic and social challenges. KUAP has developed into a secular non governmental organization with a multi-dimensional and integrated community development approach with three core, overlapping programmes: health; children services and education. 

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